Angel Vivaldi Demos the DiMarzio Pickups in His Signature Nova

In a new video for DiMarzio®, guitarist Angel Vivaldi demoed the DiMarzio® Tone Zone™ bridge and Air Norton™ 7 neck pickups, and explained why he chose them for his Charvel Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24-7 Nova.

“When I was building this guitar with some of the best luthiers to ever bless guitar building, I wanted something that wasn’t only visually captivating but something that didn’t hold me back from reaching my full potential as a guitarist and a musician,” said Vivaldi.

“In a lot of respects, finding the perfect guitar is a lot like finding the perfect lover,” he continued. “I feel the pickups really represent how the guitar responds to the player much like a lover would respond to you and your personality and all your little idiosyncrasies.”

The Tone Zone bridge pickup accentuates rhythm runs played in dropped tunings or when ran through hotter, high-gain amps —without losing individual note expression.

“I feel like if you’re in a lower tuning or you have an extended range guitar like myself, it’s really important to compensate for that lower register with something that is bright and articulate,” said Vivaldi.

For robust, highly dynamic tone with improved sustain, Vivaldi relies on the Air Norton neck pickup.

“If I am doing any type of tapping, I do like to live in position four,” he said, while playing through a riff in his song “Synapse.” “It’ll give a nice balance of fullness, but also clarity and a little bit of percussiveness.”

Watch Vivaldi run through the tonal landscape of the Nova and his chosen DiMarzio pickups in the full demo video below.