Ola Englund Test Drives the Vivaldi DK24-7 Nova on ‘Rig of the Week’

Youtuber and fearsome guitarist Ola Englund took the Angel Vivaldi Signature DK24-7 Nova for a spin on a recent episode of his Rig of the Week series, in which he marveled at the unique details of Vivaldi’s instrument.

“Angel Vivaldi is sort of like a spirit animal for me,” quipped Englund. “He’s an incredible guitar player who makes some insane, sick ass instrumental music that I am a huge fan of.”

Available in an all new Satin Black finish with gold hardware, the DK24-7 Nova sports a customized neck profile designed by Vivaldi himself to accommodate brisk playing styles and intricate licks.

“This neck shape is extremely flat,” noted Englund. “It feels very simple to play.”

After Englund riffed around on the bass strings, he moved up the neck for some seamless soloing.

“The higher fret access here is actually really good!” raved Englund. “I could probably go up to the [24th] fret. It’s more than enough fret access.”

All in all, Englund heaped big-time praise not just of Vivaldi’s guitar, but the Charvel brand in general.

“We are seeing a new wave of amazing Charvel guitars and they’re bringing out a fair bit of artists as well,” said Englund. “They are really on the up rise and I am very happy about that because Charvel is a legendary brand.”

Watch Englund in the full episode of Rig of the Week below.