Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 Lands Atop ‘Guitarist’ Magazine’s ‘Best High-Performance Guitar’

The Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM landed on both the cover and at the top of the “best high-performance guitars for under a grand” list in the September issue of Guitarist magazine.

“You don’t have to go above a grand to find a guitar that’ll unleash your inner virtuoso,” noted the magazine.

For the magazine’s test drive, the DK22’s sculpted shredder’s cut heel,  scalloped lower back and Seymour Duncan pickups earned praise.

“With a comfort-enhancing heel cut and classic body contours, this shred machine is loaded with three Seymour Duncan Strat-style pickups – including a Custom Hot Rails Strat SHR-1B humbucking bridge pickup – providing plenty of glassy vintage chime,” noted Guitarist.

In conclusion, Guitarist had this to say:

“Even if you are lucky enough to own high-end or vintage instruments, it’s always good to have a guitar that’s like an old pair of sneakers. Comfy and not so posh that you dare not take it to the next blues jam down at the pub.”

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