Jeff Loomis and Kelly Kereliuk Duel in ‘The World is Over’ Solo

Metal titan Jeff Loomis joined Lost Symphony guitarist Kelly Kereliuk for a masterful playthrough of “The World Is Over” off the symphonic metal group’s latest album Chapter II.

The guitarists plunged headfirst into this blistering number, with Loomis expertly navigating his guest solo on a Charvel Limited Ediiton Super Stock SC1 that provided remarkably tight, glassy tone.

Loomis also guested on the track for the album recording, which features Marty Friedman as well.

According to Lost Symphony’s Benny Goodman, “‘The World is Over’ was a song we had floating around for a few years, but we thought it most fitting for what was going on. I have always been inspired by Jason Becker and Cacophony and had wanted to do an homage to him. What better way than to put two of my heroes, Marty Friedman and Jeff Loomis together? Even though the world may be ending soon, we still have Marty and Jeff.”

Watch the performance below, and follow Lost Symphony here for more music news and announcements.