Music Radar Reviews the Charvel Desolation Skatecaster SK-1 FR

Music Radar reviewed a Charvel Desolation Skatecaster SK-1 FR and is encouraging metal players to check one out.

According to the review, the SK-1’s mahogany body mates well with its pickups, resulting in an excellent tone.

“The Skatecaster’s sheer mass of mahogany helps round off any inherent abrasion from its EMG humbuckers,” said Music Radar. “And we’d suggest it gives a great Kirk Hammett-style scorching lead tone.”

The review ends by giving a little background on the model and inviting metal-heads to sample the model.

“The Desolation series is far removed from the hot-rodded custom S-types for which Charvel is loved historically,” concludes Music Radar. “But we concede that most metal teenagers won’t care too much about that. Try one.”

Read the review here.